Monday, April 21, 2014

Does Leah Messer Have a New Job?

Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer might have her hands full with three kids and a bunch of cheese puffs, but this girl is no slacker. Despite being super busy raising her children, tending to her hair extensions, and being otherwise perfect, Leah has somehow found time to bring home the bacon! Feminism, guys.
Those of you who have watched Leah's journey on Teen Mom 2 know just how ambitious she is. This gal has always worked hard — even though her husband, Jeremy Calvert, earns a huge salary as a pipeliner. Leah used to be employed at a tanning salon (and has dreams of opening her own sunless tanning joint one day), but her new gig? Girlfriend is peddling makeup to her fellow West Virginian mountain mamas!
"Do you have a Mary Kay consultant or lost touch with a prior one?" Leah tweeted to her legions of followers. "I am now a consultant and would love to have an amazing MK party w/ you."
Way to go, Leah! We're so impressed with this southern belle's work ethic — and it's great that she's found a job where she can spend time at home and make her own hours. Oh, and for those of you who don't know, Mary Kay is a multi-level makeup company that uses consultants like Leah to sell their products. Leah will get a percentage of the money earned from sales she makes, and considering she's a well-known reality star, we're thinking a lot of people will buy her goods!
In other news, we're hardly surprised that Leah has a job. She recently opened up about wanting to share the workload during an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Reunion Special. "Why can't I work too? Why can't we work together? If [Jeremy] would have that job at home, and I would have a decent job,” she said. “If he needed the help to manage the bills so he was at home with us."
Looks like Leah's officially doing her part so Jeremy can spend more time at home!
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Jenelle Evans registers son for kindergarten!

We were just reporting last week that Maci Bookout was registering son, Bentley for kindergarten for the Fall 2014 School Year.  Well, now, Jenelle Evans is doing the same thing!

Jenelle tweeted to fans, “Can’t wait to go to Jace’s kindergarten orientation later today.  Words cannot describe how excited I am for him!  Makes me feel amazing he wants to start school so bad becuz he saw that I go.  #DoingThingsRight”

This is amazing news!  It’s hard to believe Jace is already 5, let alone starting elementary school, but it’s incredible that Jenelle is able to be such a good example to him.  Even though Jenelle was just a child herself when she had Jace, she has managed to get her life on track and become the woman and mother that she wanted and needed to be.

Later she added, “Anddd signing up Jace for private swimming lessons today and karate.  It’s getting warm, preparing him for summer.”  Sounds like Jace has a very busy summer planned, and it will go straight into kindergarten later towards the end of summer!  Jace is going to have a big summer with the birth of his baby brother, and transitioning into living with Jenelle full time!  We are so proud of Jenelle for getting her life together, in spite of all the obstacles she faced as a teen mom, and cannot wait to watch how her life unfolds!

Nathan Griffith & Jenelle Evans getting married?! WHEN?!!

In a recent interview with MTV, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith discussed the time frame of when they would like to get engaged and eventually married!  Obviously Jenelle is about to go through finalizing her divorce from estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, but that doesn’t mean she can’t start getting excited about the love of her life!  The laws where Jenelle live are very strict in that a couple has to be legally separated for a year before they can divorce.  She gets lots of criticism for the fact that she’s still legally married, but most people, under those circumstances, would have moved on by now as well.  Most states don’t have a one year separation law before you can even file for divorce.  So let’s cut the girl some slack, will ya?!

Check out the video of Jenelle and Nathan discussing their upcoming wedding ideas!

Jenelle Evans boyfriend Nathan Griffith in jail for 60 days

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan Griffith will be spending the next 60 days in jail, Radar Online reports.

Jenelle, who is pregnant with Nathan’s son, said goodbye to her baby dad as he is serving time for his third DUI, which fans watched him get on a recent episode of “Teen Mom 2.”

“Jenelle is really upset and didn’t want Nathan to go away for so long,” a source close to the MTV star revealed.
Jenelle Evans has been tweeting about missing Nathan, but has been spending time with son Jace in his absence.
Evans’ recently revealed that she’s getting Jace ready for summer by enrolling him in karate and swimming classes, and taking him to kindergarten screening, as he’ll start school in the fall.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is due to have her second child, a son she plans to name Kaiser, this spring, hopefully after Nathan is released from jail.

What do you think about “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan Griffith being sentenced to 60 days in jail?

First look at TM2 Reunion show! Adam Lind takes on Randy Houska!

Wow!  In this bombshell sneak peak of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion show with Dr. Drew, Adam Lind takes on Randy Houska and things get H-E-A-T-E-D!  Not only does Adam accuse Chelsea of sleeping with his brother and best friend, he calls Randy out for making fun of him on twitter!

Check out the sneak peak!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Leah shares news on her daughter’s health

On February 26th, a source had reported that Ali, the daughter to ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Leah Calvert and Corey Simms, is apparently doing really well for being stuck in a wheelchair for 6 months prior but seems this little tot is running and doing better than ever. Leah told the source that, “Ali is running. She has so much determination. We’re in awe of how she handles adversity.”

However, on the episode’s “Teen Mom 2” they had diagnosed Ali with a rare and incurable form of muscular dystrophy but that doesn't seem to be stopping her. Which who could blame this little angel? We mean she does have her whole life ahead of her!!But Leah went on record saying, “She’s doing so much better than expected. We don’t know what the future holds, but this is proof that we should never give up hope.

For those of you who didn't know Ali’s middle name is Hope. It’s simply fitting for this miracle toddler.Leah has been receiving tons of support from fans, “One girl who reached out to me also suffers from muscular dystrophy. It made my hope for Ali so much more realistic.”

 Honestly who can say they have raised one child with some sort of health issue, but to handle 3 kids and one with a health issue has got to be extremely tough. Our only hopes for little Ali is that she keeps getting better instead of back tracking.

How Much Did Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s Dream Wedding Cost?

Fans of Teen Mom 2 finally got a chance to see Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's wedding during this week's episode, and believe us, it was worth the wait. Despite the fact that Kailyn and Javi were already married when they said their “I Dos” in front of family and friends (they got hitched in a small courthouse ceremony last season), having a blow-out wedding felt official — and definitely solidified their bond as husband and wife. Despite the fact that it cost thousands of dollars…

"We emptied our savings account for this wedding because I knew that no matter what happened to my life, this is my one and only wedding that I will ever have. And it turned out to be everything I wanted it to be," Kailyn explained during MTV's Teen Mom 2 after-show. But does this mean that Kailyn doesn't think her OG marriage to Javi was important?
"Our first marriage ceremony I was reading my vows, repeating after the judge and I still cried. I cried because I was like 'OK, this is real life,'" Kailyn said. "But I think overall when we got married in front of everyone, it made it seem so much more real."

One of the most emotional aspects of Kailyn's nuptials was the participation of her son, Isaac, who got to watch as his mom married the man of her dreams. "I saw Isaac for the first time in his tuxedo and I about died, I just started crying and I couldn't control it and I was crying before I walked down the aisle with him," Kailyn revealed. "And then when we got to the end with the officiant, Isaac grabbed both of our hands and held our hands through the entire ceremony. And he was like 'you listen to her' he said. He was whispering to me. That was probably the best moment of my life. Was Isaac. It was awesome. It was so awesome."
Kailyn's wedding might have drained her bank account, but it sounds like it was worth every penny. She'll cherish these memories for the rest of her life, just like our DVRs will.

What did you think of Kailyn and Javi’s dream wedding? Tell us your thoughts below!